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Wash Leather Jackets Guide
15 Mar
Posted by:  firstclass_admin123

How To Wash Leather Jackets: A Go-To Guide

Leather jackets are timeless fashion staples that embody the mantras of fashion and durability. Proper care is required for them to look their best. Washing them can be an intimidating task. That is when leather laundry in Dubai enters the conversation. Don’t settle for a standard dry cleaning for your cherished leather jackets. Take your garment to an expert dry cleaner who specialises in taking care of leather jackets. Trust your leather jackets with First Class Laundry, one of the best laundry in Dubai

Now, let us get into the go-to guide on how to wash and preserve your leather jackets and gain insight into the problem of common mistakes.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Steer clear of common mistakes while washing your leather jacket. Avoid the following mistakes to preserve these jackets and make them look their best.

  • Avoid throwing leather jackets in the washing machine or dryer. It will lead to shrinkage and cracking of the material.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on your leather in the name of cleaning. It will cause the natural fabric to fade. Care for your garment only with gentle cleaners, which are specially designed for leather.
  • Exposing leather to excessive water will cause wrinkling and wash out the natural oils. So do not make the mistake of immersing leather jackets in water. 

Escape the pressure of watching out for these common pitfalls by relying on leather laundry in Dubai

Trust leather laundry in Dubai and let your jackets get the best spa in the world with the help of First Class Laundry. 

Cleaning Techniques

Understanding the material is crucial when it comes to cleaning. Now, let us explore some cleaning techniques:

  • Remove dust and surface dirt by regularly wiping down your jacket with a damp cloth.
  • Take a basin filled with water and pour a mild leather cleaner. Then dip a soft cloth into it and start spot cleaning. You can test the solution on an inconspicuous area first to avoid colour bleeding.
  • Consider the following steps for a deeper cleaning:
  • Firstly, pour lukewarm water into a basin and add a small amount of leather cleaner.
  • Then gently submerge the jacket, but avoid soaking at all costs. Swish it around.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and remove any excess soap residue. 
  • Machine washing is not recommended for leather jackets. Nevertheless, some manufacturers might specify that a gentle cycle is allowed on the care label, followed by special instructions. So always look for the care label. 

Drying Leather Jackets

Resist the urge to use a heater for your leather jacket after cleaning. Never dry your jackets in direct sunlight. It can dry out the leather and create cracks in it. Lay your jacket on top of a clean towel or on a drying rack, and let the jacket air dry at room temperature. Retain the shape of your jackets by stuffing them with clean towels. 

Rely on the best dry cleaning service in Dubai, like First Class Laundry, and preserve your delicate fabric. 

Conditioning and Polishing

Maintain the suppleness of your leather by applying a leather conditioner after washing. It helps to replenish the oils and restore their natural sheen.

Enhance the appearance of your jacket by using a gentle leather polish.

Concluding Words

Mastering the art of cleaning leather jackets includes a touch of gentleness and using the right products. Trust First Class Laundry for regular care of your leather jackets so that they can remain a timeless and stylish piece for years to come. Let the heads turn with your leather jacket’s enduring appeal. We have dry cleaning service in Dubai, and we promise to give your garments the best care they deserve. Invest your trust in First Class Laundry for leather laundry in Dubai.


Can I trust any dry cleaning service in Dubai with my leather jackets?

It’s crucial to entrust your cherished leather jackets to a specialized service like First Class Laundry, renowned for their expertise in leather laundry in Dubai. Regular dry cleaners may not have the necessary experience or products tailored for leather care, risking damage to your garments.

Is machine washing suitable for leather jackets?

No, it’s not recommended to machine wash leather jackets. This can lead to shrinkage, cracking, or damage to the material. Always follow specific care instructions, and when in doubt, opt for professional leather laundry in Dubai, like First Class Laundry, for safe and effective cleaning.

How should I dry my leather jacket after cleaning?

After cleaning, it’s important to air dry your leather jacket at room temperature. Avoid using heaters or direct sunlight, as they can cause the leather to dry out and crack. For optimal results, trust the expertise of a dry cleaning service in Dubai, such as First Class Laundry, to handle the delicate drying process with care.