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laundry or wash which is better
04 Jul
Posted by:  firstclass_admin123

How To Consider Whether Clothes Need Dry Clean Or Wash?

The process of dry cleaning has become an essential part of our modern lives when it comes to caring for delicate or heavily soiled garments. However, before entrusting your clothes to a Dry Cleaning Service in Dubai, it’s crucial to know a few critical points. Understanding these considerations will help you ensure the best possible care for your garments and avoid any potential issues. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider before sending your clothes for dry cleaning, allowing you to make informed decisions and maintain the longevity and quality of your wardrobe. Considering these points, you can confidently choose a reliable and trustworthy dry cleaner that meets your specific needs.

If the garment care labels “dry clean only” then it means the garments need special care and attention, hence it needs dry cleaning. Some garments are made of delicate fabrics and may have embroidery or embellishments.  Hence it makes sense to get your clothes dry-cleaned and preserve them for too long. It is likely that some of the simplest, plainest, and most used clothing items like t-shirts and jeans have a label that says “dry clean only.” When this happens, you may feel the urge to wash the clothing at home. This is when deciding between a wash and a dry clean becomes very challenging.

Aspects of Giving Proper Treatment to Your Clothes

The label “dry clean only” appears on plain clothing when the manufacturer recommends the safest cleaning method in order to ensure that the best results are achieved for their customers. The manufacturers simply want to ensure that the clothing they are selling is as safe as possible. Some fabrics can be hand washed or can be dry cleaned at home even if their garment care label says “dry clean only” or “dry clean only”. However, this does not mean that all clothing will be washable at home. For a proper Dry Cleaning Service in Dubai count on First Class Laundry.

Things To Look at Before Deciding Between Wash and Dry Clean

Ease of Pressing the Clothes

Ironing a shirt with a pin or pleated skirt is slightly tougher than ironing plain T-shirts. Such clothes should not be washed at home. This is because a normal wash cycle will make the pleats and tucks messy. Later this will get hard to iron them. But the thing is you may not be able to give them an original crisp-free finish at your home like a Best Laundry in Dubai

Inner Linings of the Garments

If your clothes have inner linings you should first check whether the inner clothes are washable or not. The fabrics that are woven into the inner linings of clothing are mostly made from cotton, viscose, and rayon, which can shrink with washing, while the fabrics woven into the inner linings of silk and wool should be washed with special care. 

Leather Elements in the Clothes

Some clothes are trimmed with leather or they may feature leather in other ways. In a denim jacket, you may find leather elbow patches. If you wash such clothes, the leather part will become adversely affected. Leather is a natural fibre, and the oils in its skin bind water molecules together. In a regular wash, the water will dry and start drawing out the natural oils in the leather, which will make the leather stiff and brittle, and your garment will lose its original appeal. Leather needs to be dry cleaned, so you should not wash these clothes at home. For more information about Dry Cleaning Services in Dubai, First Class Laundry is here to help you.

Colour Bleeding Clothes

If you have clothes that bleed colour then don’t wash it at your home. If any colour transfers onto the cotton swab, then washing the garment at home is not recommended. Dip a cotton swab in plain water and rub it on the garment. You should do this on the hem or an inside seam. Otherwise, the original shade of your clothes will be lost. First Class Best Laundry Service in Dubai uses special solutions to ensure 100% preservation of the colours of the fabrics. 

Value of the Garments

Sometimes even if you move your focus slightly your laundry mishap is still possible. When clothes get damaged in the laundry, it feels bad, but when clothes that are a little more precious get ruined, it is even worse. To minimise the risk of damage, many people prefer dry cleaning for some clothing that has a special meaning to them. However, the decision to treat such clothes at home is completely up to you. But preferring First Class, Best Laundry in Dubai is the perfect decision. 
At First Class Laundry, Dry Cleaning Service in Dubai we understand that doing laundry can be time-consuming and tiresome. That’s why we offer a premium laundry service that is not only affordable but also convenient. Our team of trained staff is here to assist you with all of your laundry needs, including dry cleaning and other related services. Additionally, our 1-hour Urgent Cleaning Service is available in Business Bay, DIFC, and World Trade Centre, with Free Laundry Pickup & Delivery in Dubai options to fit your busy schedule. Trust us to take care of your laundry needs while you focus on other important tasks.